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For a first installation (if you don't already have the Chan'beauté app) 

It's here , because the update is not necessary. 

To install FileMaker·Go 

  Install FileMaker·Go. 

  › FileMaker·Go: filemaker.multireflex.ovh  

To avoid losing your personal and customer files: 

👍 Instructions on this other page

To update your Chan'beauté app

From your iPad\iPhone, you must download this document: 


If you do it with the Safari browser on your iPad and you are up to date (iOS13 or higher), you will see a small blue circle at the top right. 

It's discreet!  And when the download is complete, the blue line under the circle will disappear. 

 CBYact17FileMaker Database File76 MB

 and at the top right a blue square with an upward arrow on which you must press. 

Scroll to the left to reach FileMaker·Go which is represented by a turquoise icon and its name is often truncated in "FileMaker Go..." for lack of space.

It opens

  ☞ Press OK. 

  ☞ Press OK. 

🌸 You will see that on the cover, Carole has changed tools!

Find that you are in version v.16 and come back to the cover with the Chan'beauté logo button which is always located at the bottom left. 

🔸 Navigate a little by putting your iPad in portrait position and also test horizontally. 

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that the Practical treatments are presented differently depending on the position of your iPad. 

My delirium: I consider that the iPad is more pleasant to "leaf through" in portrait position and that it is more practical to work when it is installed horizontally (with or without keyboard). 

This is why the Practical treatments have less text in landscape format. 

And now take advantage and see that the app is more fluid. 

Cleaning the iPad “download” folder

Now that your Chan’beauté interactive magazine is installed, you must delete the documents that remained in the download folder of your iPad\iPhone. 

Returns to the start screen of the iPad\iPhone. 

Since the new version of iOS, you have at the bottom of the screen what is called the "Dock".  This gray bar shows the latest apps used. 

You notice that the second icon represents a blue folder on a white background. 

 All the documents that you have downloaded before appear on the right. 

A blue ✔︎ will appear on each selected document. 

Take this opportunity to erase everything you no longer need and thus make room. 

Apple does not invite you to the cleaning, because like this you fill your iCloud and they can then offer you to buy space.  It annoys me and never happens to me because I throw everything away! 

In any case, delete what you want, but above all delete FileMaker documents (like the last update).  No worries, because they are in FileMaker·Go which is also a container folder.

FileMaker·Go only currently contains your interactive Chan'beauté magazine, but it will also contain the PDFs that you will generate.

We will also develop other multireflex apps.


Ideas are not lacking..!!..