your documents


With the Chan’beauté interactive magazine you can generate many documents in PDF format.

You will use it to share personalized care or to keep formulas etc.

It is important to understand that our Chan'beauté app is housed in FileMaker·Go which is our kiosk.

It is for this reason that the PDFs you will create will be stored in FileMaker·Go, in the “Device” section.

Use the Gearwheel to access the settings of the Chan’beauté interactive magazine.

Exit the Chan’beauté interactive magazine to access the content of FileMaker·Go.

In FileMaker·Go, go to "Device" to see all your documents.

Once in FileMaker·Go

You will see all the documents installed in your FileMaker·Go.

Use the button on the top right (✔︎) to select and delete them all using the little blue basket from the top left.