your Chan'beauté app to the new version

of FileMaker·Go

How do you move your Chan’beauté interactive magazine from an old FileMaker·Go version to the new one?

Super simple if you want to keep the customer and the Personal files that you made with the old version.

Before updating

  • Install the last version of FileMaker·Go:

› FileMaker·Go:

  • Open FileMaker·Go.

  • Erase the demo apps that FileMaker·Go installs for you automatically.

› To find out how to delete documents in FileMaker·Go look at this page.


⌘ If you want to read the improvement log, visit this page.

Video (in English)

Erica is pleased to help you to see how to move your old version of the Chan’beauté interactive magazine to the new FileMaker·Go.


  • Open your old version of FileMaker·Go

  • You will see the apps contained in your FileMaker·Go and normally should only be your Chan'beauté app and the PDFs that you would have generated with it.

  • Activates the selection mode at the top right.

    • Choose CHANBEAUTE

  • Then to transfer it to FileMaker·Go, press the square with an up arrow at the top left of the screen.

    • The list of apps in your iPad opens.

  • Scroll down to find FileMaker·Go… (often its number doesn't appear for lack of space).

  • The Chan’beauté interactive magazine will open alone in FileMaker·Go.


You can now update by following the explanations on this page .

Finally I didn't make the video because my hair is not done...