The licence

Buy your licence

To access the page for choosing the most suitable licence for your needs, use the blue "Licence" button circled in red on this first image.

If you use the white gear button, you access the Settings page . On this settings page, use the blue "Licence management" button to access the licence selection page.

Choose your licence

In this second image, you notice that several options are offered to you. The image presents the best option. This is the ChanBeauté'clinic version which offers you all the options and allows you to use it on two devices: your iPad and your iPhone.

If this option suits you, validate your choice by pressing the green ✔︎ (here circled in red).

Click here to see the differences in one table.

I only have an iPhone!

If you currently only have an iPhone and no iPad, I advise you to buy the small version ChanBeauté'pro for iPhone only. It's cheaper and you can decide for an iPad later when you discover all the work options offered by the ChanBeauté'clinic version.

It's just for me!

Ok, if you don't plan to use step-by-step treatments or create personalized treatment sheets, then maybe the ChanBeauté'pro version is enough for you.

But beware, if you then decide to move up, you will have to buy the ChanBeauté'clinic version at its full price.

—Voici ce qui doit apparaitre pour pouvoir payer par carte—(Ce sera dans la langue de ton iPad)

Pay your licence

By validating your choice, you arrive directly on a payment page. You obviously need to be connected to the internet to be able to pay.

If you wish to pay by credit card through the secure PayPal gateway, use the button representing a blue P.

The PayPal card payment page will then appear (next image).

I don't have a PayPal account

Even if this may seem absurd, choose "open an account" and you will see that the option "open an account" is optional. So you can pay by card without opening a PayPal account. I know it's absurd! But PayPal does us the favor of not forcing our kind customers to open an account.

If, however, PayPal requires you to open an account, it means that they consider your connection to be vulnerable. It's the best way to protect your card anyway and assign it to an email + password.

I want to pay otherwise!

If you prefer to send us a wire transfer, then write us a note in the box provided for this purpose and send it by pressing the pink button representing an envelope. You can also write to us at

I've just paid!

~~~~ Thank you! ~~~~

You will then be automatically redirected to a page in the app which will allow you to copy your licence and paste it directly into the field provided.

You just need to validate it by pressing the green ✔︎.

We will also send you an email with your licence number for you to keep it.

💝 At the time of writing, we are only receiving compliments from everyone who bought this app. It represents two years of work to compile all the advances of Chan'beauté. From the depths of the United States to Australia, passing by many European countries, our applications honor Multireflexology - Dien Chan and our school.

🏆We also won an award with the Dien Chan app called Faceasit (see the folder «How to develop a care plan in Dien Chan» to understand better this amazing support tool.

🌻We thank you for your trust!

Copy your licence

If you need to manually copy your licence to install it in another device.

  1. In the email you receive with your licence: copy your licence by dragging the small blue needles of iOS.
  2. Download the "Trial" version on the page
  3. Then open your Chan'beauté app which is still in trial mode.
  4. From the cover, press the gear ⚙ (circled in red on this image fragment) or the long, blue "Licence" button.
  5. When you arrive on the "Settings" page, you will find the blue button representing a "Licence management" barcode (second image fragment).

Yes, but I have already paid!

  1. Press this blue button "Licence management" to reach the payment page. As you have already paid for the licence, use the button at the bottom right, which represents a pink barcode (see third image fragment).
  2. Introduce your licence which is valid for 2 devices.

Enter your licence

1: Now that you have copied your licence from the email you received after paying, just touch the "licence" field ( on the image).

☞ Paste the license.

2: Validate your license by pressing the pink heart button below ( on the image).

💖 If lots of little pinky hearts appear, the licence is good!

Well done!

Take advantage of all the practical sheets, protocols, care formulas and don't forget to read the magazine articles!

Thank you!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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