Activate the trial

It opens the trial

Now that you've installed FileMaker·Go and downloaded the Chan’beauté interactive magazine: the trial opens. 

To be able to try the trial (demo) version, you need an unlock code. 

1: In the first field, you must enter your full name (first name followed by last name). 

Press intro ↩︎ 

2: In the second field (in red on this image) you must enter the email address you want to use. 

Press intro ↩︎ 

3: Then the keyboard should go down.  If not, remove the keyboard with its key from the bottom right. 

4: Under the keyboard appears the button to send your code request.

Ask for your code

To be able to enjoy this amazing job,. you need to unlock the demo. 

Request your code by email by pressing this button representing an envelope. 

This will generate an email with text asking us to send you your unlock code. 

When this email appears, send it to us by pressing "send". 

We will answer you as soon as possible (this is not immediate) with your unlock code. 

After, you can close your Chan’beauté interactive magazine. 

If the spinning pink wheel gets stuck, force FileMaker·Go to exit by double-clicking the center button on your iPad\iPhone.  All open apps will then appear.  Drag up FileMaker·Go to close it. 

You received your code

When you receive your demo unlock code, you search your FileMaker·Go icon on your iPad. Remember that this is the app that contains your Chan’beauté interactive magazine! 

Once FileMaker·Go is open: 

— Or, the CHANBEAUTE document is closed.  Open it by tapping its icon. 

— Either, the CHANBEAUTE opens alone and asks you to enter your digital unlocking code, as in this image. 


If you have not entered the correct code, the Chan'beauté app remains open. 

To exit FileMaker· Go, double press the mechanical button of your device.

Trial unlocked

Well done!  Now your trial version of the Chan’beauté interactive magazine is unlocked. 

You can consult all sections of the magazine and you will only have access to the first sheet. 

To exit the magazine 

If you want to exit the magazine without leaving FileMaker·Go, you must: 

— Or, touch the bar below where the news appears.  In this image "No more soft legs!" (in French on this image)  next to "NEWS" in red. 

— Either, go to Settings by touching the white icon representing a gear. 

You will then find the purple icon "exit CHANBEAUTÉ" in the white bar at the bottom of the screen.

To purchase your license, consult the «License» page of this manual.