The Chan❜beauté interactive magazine

It's time to pour yourself a coffee and nibble on some almonds… and you'll see that in a few minutes, you'll be able to install this incredible source of natural beauty advice!

You should know that we also have other projects in progress that we use internally before we can offer them to you as soon as their versions are stable. It takes time, a lot of time!

That's why we prefer to familiarise you with FileMaker · Go.

Each time you start the kiosk (FileMaker·Go), the Chan'beauté magazine will open by default.

To exit the magazine, press on the text at the bottom of the cover (news, info ...) and you will see the circular button on the next page.

Why Claris FileMaker·Go?

FileMaker·Go is a free software developed by the Claris company that runs custom apps. So we use FileMaker·Go a bit like a kiosk (a press stand) that contains our multireflex apps!

We must therefore first install FileMaker·Go to be able to run our interactive magazine of Chan❜beauté.

This solution allows us to reduce costs enormously to offer you an extremely complete application at the lowest price. In fact, we avoid the distributor's commission and keep completely control of the programming. Moreover, this solution grants us fast and free updates of the contents, because Chan❜beauté is an evolving technique of natural care.

And as we want to share the advances of the method, this prevents us from offering a subscription system that was not favoured by our audience after investigation.

The free trial

For you to get an idea of ​​the immense work involved with this Chan❜beauté app, we have a free “trial” version that you can try out after installing FileMaker·Go.

Once the “trial” version is installed in FileMaker·Go, you will need to request an unlock code to be able to browse it.

From this "trial", you can choose the version of the app that suits you best.


To learn more about each version, we invite you to consult this page.

The Chan❜beauté interactive magazine is available in French , English and Spanish and you can change the language at any time.

It also contains a manual built into each section which is available if you have wifi. The rest of the app works fine without a connection.

Why are the Dien Chan and Chan❜beauté apps only for iPad or iPhone?

Indeed, the Chan'beauté magazine and other Dien Chan - Multireflex applications are only available on iPad because FileMaker·Go does not exist for Android and WindowsPhone; that's a shame.

On Mac or PC, the magazine can be viewed, but you need FileMaker·Pro software (developer app) which is not free (FileMaker.com).

📌 We answer this existential question in french ici.

Now that our coffee is finished and it would be better if there were still almonds to nibble on...

Many thanks for your interest, as we are sure you will enjoy it.

And why not actively participate in the development of this extraordinary source of natural beauty advice that we share with everyone?

Send us your comments and testimonials; we would love to hear from you.


The Chan❜beauté interactive magazine is a 2017 production of Dien Chan - Multireflex which continues to evolve.

All Multireflex electronic or printed material is copyright protected and may only be reprinted with permission from the International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan.

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