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FileMaker Go

FileMaker·Go is a free application available only in the AppStore (Apple's app store). Only available for iPhone and iPad.

There are several versions of FileMaker·Go.

You will find a link below on this page, but before continue reading in order to fully understand all the concepts.

Why FileMaker·Go?

We use FileMaker·Go as a folder.

This means that FileMaker·Go will contain multiple documents.

When you install FileMaker·Go for the first time, it already contains 4 sample documents. These examples are like mini-apps (management, contacts, invoices, etc.).

We explain below on this same page how to delete documents in FileMaker·Go.

The Chan’beauté interactive magazine is a document that will therefore be contained in the FileMaker·Go app.

You must read this page on your iPad\iPhone. By clicking on the download link below, your AppStore will open to download version 18 of FileMaker·Go.

If you're on an iPad, watch this mini video first to learn how to split your screen.

Divide your screen

  1. Watch this mini video to learn how to split your iPad screen into two parts. To be able to follow the instructions on the left half of your screen.
  2. Then use the link below to open the AppStore on your device and download FileMaker·Go.
  3. Once the download is complete, press “open” to open FileMaker·Go.

Download FileMaker·Go 18

Here the link: FileMaker·Go 18

Once FileMaker·Go is installed and open

  • You will see the presentation of FileMaker·Go as in this image.
  • You close this presentation by pressing the text on the top right “Close”.

I have surrounded the text with a red rectangle, because on my images the texts are in Spanish (Cerrar = Close)

Once the FileMaker·Go presentation is closed

When you install FileMaker·Go for the first time, it already contains 4 example documents like in this image. These examples are like mini-apps (management, contacts, invoices, etc.) that we will permanently delete.

You will learn how to delete documents from FileMaker·Go by deleting these preinstalled examples.

But before…

① The icon on the left: to access the last documents opened.

② The middle icon: to list all the documents that FileMaker·Go contains.

③ The icon on the right: you will not use this option which is here to access documents external to your iPad\iPhone (remote server or Cloud).


Each time you open FileMaker·Go, you end up in the first section (left icon) of the last documents opened. This is much more clear now in FileMaker·Go18

Delete documents in FileMaker·Go

Learn how to delete documents from FileMaker·Go by deleting these preinstalled examples.

This is important, because your Chan’beauté interactive magazine allows you to generate PDFs (treatments, formulas, etc.) that will be stored in this space and sometimes you will want to delete or share them.

④ Located at the top right, this icon is to select the documents to delete. You have to activate the "selection" mode using the icon representing a document with a check mar ✔︎ inside.

Select documents

① If you do not see the documents, it means that you are not in “device” mode.

② Now that you are in “selection” mode, tap each document to select.

③ To delete the selected documents, press the trash can from the top left. Or at the bottom "delete" depending on your version.

④ Validate the operation by tapping the text from the top right which appears in my green oval.

On this image in Spanish “Hecho” means “Done” or “Ok” which will be in your language in your device.

Now, FileMaker·Go is clean and you have learned to manage documents.

So every time you exit the Chan’beauté interactive magazine, you will end up in FileMaker·Go and you'll be able to view all the contained documents.

Let's install the Chan'beauté app

Like any document, the Chan’beauté interactive magazine must be downloaded.

Now that you have installed FileMaker·Go.

Download CHANBEAUTE.fmp12 (which is the name of our app) directly from the link below.

It will take some time depending on the quality of your internet connection, because the document has a size of ±76Mb. Normally no more than 5 minutes and much less with fiber.

Once downloaded, your will have to open it with FileMaker·Go.

Open the Chan'beauté app

1| From your iPad\iPhone, you need to download this document:

This document is our Chan'beauté app and it will be contained in FileMaker·Go.

2| Where is my download?

If you do it with the Safari browser on your iPad and you are up to date (iOS13), you will see a small blue circle at the top right.

It's discreet! And when the download is complete, the blue line under the circle will disappear.

  • Tap the circle to open the list of downloads.
  • In the list then appears the document CHANBEAUTE.fmp12
  • Tap it to select it, because it is now in your download folder.
  • Then it will appear in the center of the screen:
CHANBEAUTEFileMaker Database File76 MB

and at the top right a blue square with an upward arrow on which you must press.

  • Then appears the list of possible applications that can open this document "CHANBEAUTE".

Scroll to the left to reach FileMaker·Go 18 which is represented by a turquoise icon and its name is often truncated in "FileMaker Go..." for lack of space.

Once CHANBEAUTE i installed in FileMaker·Go

  • Either it will open alone.
  • If not, return to the start screen of your device.
  • Look for the FileMaker·Go app (its icon is at the top of this page) .

Depending on your needs, consult the menu on this site to continue with the help.


FileMaker·Go contains the magazine, it becomes our kiosk.


L'appli de Chan'beauté

The CHANBEAUTE document therefore behaves like a magazine contained in our kiosk.

We have many projects; we want to be able to share them with you.

It is for this reason that we opt for this solution that may seems a little complex the first time, but it will allow us an infinite number of possibilities in the future.

This saves us from going through external distributors and allows us to offer nicer prices and faster updates.

— Computing and development department of the ISMDC —