Here are the instructions for installing the Chan'beauté interactive magazine or other solutions offered bythe International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan.


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Why Claris FileMaker·Go?

We use FileMaker·Go as a folder that contains our multireflex apps. To understand the why and how, read the article here

🌸 The interactive magazine of Chan❜beauty is a document that will therefore be contained in the FileMaker·Go app.

📌 We explain everything to you in a video and text a little further down on this same page.

Claris FileMaker·Go icons

It's best to read this page on your iPad\iPhone.

This way, by clicking on this download link , your AppStore will open to install version 19 of Claris Claris FileMaker·Go.

FileMaker Go

FileMaker Go is a free app from Claris that is only available in the AppStore (Apple's app store for the iPhone and iPad).

📌 There are several versions of FileMaker·Go, take the last version (it's 19 on march 2022).

  • By installing FileMaker·Go , we see that it already contains 4 sample documents. These examples are mini-apps (management, contacts, invoices, etc.) that you can delete. I explain how in the video further down on this page.

If you're on your iPad, watch this mini video first to teach you how to split your screen into two parts for you to follow the instructions on the left half of your screen.

Video instructions

  • In this video, we show you how to install FileMaker·Go on your iPad.

  • Then, how to download the Chan❜beauté app.

Each step is also explained in text a little further down this page.

Written instructions

  • Install FileMaker·Go from the AppStore of your iPad or iPhone.

  • Open FileMaker Go

  • Delete the documents that are already there (these are examples offered by Claris FileMaker).

  • Open the browser of the iPad\iPhone (Safari) to download the interactive magazine of Chan❜beauté.

    • With this link:

      • [optional] Access downloads with the top right icon (small very discreet blue circle on Safari).

      • Use the magnifying glass icon to open the downloads and check that the CHANBEAUTE.fmp12 document is present.

      • Close downloads to return to the iPad\iPhone home screen.

  • Back to the device home screen to open FileMaker·Go.

  • Import the CHANBEAUTE.fmp12 document using the top right icon.

      • Icon representing a folder with an incoming arrow.

  • The Chan❜beauté interactive magazine will open automatically.

To use it

⦿ Unlock the free "trial" version click here ➹

⦿ I bought the license; how to introduce it click here ➹

Navigate the top left menu for more answers.

Every time you exit the Chan'beauté interactive magazine, you'll find yourself in FileMaker·Go.

So FileMaker·Go contains our awesome Chan❜beauté app!

The Chan❜beauté app

The CHANBEAUTE document therefore behaves like a magazine contained in our kiosk.

Depending on your needs, find answers in the menu at the top left.

You can also contact us by email at

We have plans; we wish we could share them with you.

It is for this reason that we opt for this solution which may seem a little complex the first time, but which will allow us an infinite number of possibilities in the future.

This eliminates the need for us to go through external distributors and allows us to offer cooler prices and faster updates.

— Powered by the team of experts in Dien Chan ~ ISMDC