L'aide intégré

One manual for each section

In each chapter of the magazine, you have access to a help sheet to better understand the functions of each of the buttons.

Whether you are in a portrait or landscape position, you can access the integrated help by clicking on the gear button from the bottom right [⚙️].

Depending on the section, it displays help by clicking on the button representing a question mark [?].


The integrated help requires an internet connection. We have put the help manual online not to make your app too big (3 languages included).


In many chapters you can increase the size of the text to avoid looking for your glasses. The recommended size is 10.

Search by keyword

When you are in the list of treatments, you can search by keywords.

The Chan'beauté app searches in all texts, not just in the titles.

  1. Use the "magnifying glass" icon which is located at the top right of the screen [🔎].
  2. Type the keyword in the white field.
  3. Validate by pressing the blue circle containing an arrow [➚].

If you wish to bring up the complete list again, use the pink button of the three white lines which is in the same submenu.

I don't have this great app yet!

If you want to see the complete manual which is integrated in the Chan’beauté interactive magazine, here it is.

Scroll down the manual page to access and navigate the contents.